Customization is key to Cognition training and at Cognosia, we go great lengths to ensure that the program caters to the specific needs of every individual.

The Cognosia Roadmap

The program starts with a cognitive skills based test battery that identifies individual strengths and opportunities. The results are discussed in detail with parents and customized training goals are designed that take into account individual needs and preferences. The multi-modal training paradigm targets key cognitive processes in a variety of settings in ways that are proven to maximize learning. The program adapts to the level of the individual and continues to challenge them as they master different stages of the curriculum.

Progress is continuously monitored and feedback including 24/7 tracking of goals online, weekly progress reports and periodic personal interactions with the Cognosia management team ensure that the training goals are managed effectively. Once the training program is completed, post-program tests are conducted and detailed reporting is shared with the parents. At Cognosia, we believe that Cognitive abilities are key not just to academic performance but to several other real life outcomes including self-control and emotional self-regulation. Investing in these key skills at an early stage will help lay a solid foundation for your child’s future.