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Why Cognition +

Live 1:1 Classes With Expert Tutors

Innovative Curriculum, Designed By Global Team Of Subject Matter Experts

30+ Neuroscience Research-Based Games To Train Skills Hard To Train Through Instruction

Why Train Cognitive Skills?

Why Train Cognitive Skills?

  • Cognitive Skills Are Inextricably Tied To Academic Performance
  • Research Shows These Are 3X More Trainable In Early Years
  • Training Core Cognitive Skills Is Most Likely To Create "Transfer" Effect

Our Packages

Cognitive Skills - Starter Pack (32 Sessions)

  • Consists of 4 sub-modules
    • Problem Solving
    • Visual Spatial ability
    • Critical Reasoning
    • Memory and Learning Strategies
  • Age-graded curriculum
  • Application oriented with puzzles, games, real-life visualization
  • 30+ neuroscience research based games to train skills like working memory, executive functioning and processing speed
  • Developed by an international group of SMEs
  • Interactive, engaging and fun

Cognitive Skills - Advanced (80 Sessions)

  • Cognitive Skills (Starter Pack)
  • Consists of 5 sub-modules
    • Problem Solving
    • Visual Spatial ability
    • Critical Reasoning
    • Memory and Learning Strategies
    • Algorithmic thinking
  • Choose & complete a project with guidance from your instructor
  • Assignments to reinforce concepts taught
  • Interactive, engaging & fun
  • Certificate of completion

Our Tutors

Sandhya Mogily

Sandhya holds a Ph. D in Cognitive Science with a focus on Learning and Memory. She is a passionate teacher with over a decade of teaching experience across subjects.

Jhulan Mullick

A Civil Engineer by training with a PG Diploma in Urban Planning and Development. Jhulan is a passionate educator with 8+ years in training across various disciplines including math and personality development.

Dhathri Saranya

Reservoir Engineer by profession and a tutor by passion Dhathri has 5+ years of experience in teaching, helping students improve their confidence and problem solving skills.

Gayatri Nair

Gayatri holds a masters degree in robotics engineering and has worked on research projects with reputed institutions including IIT Delhi, AIIMS Delhi and Max Perutz Labs, Vienna. Gayatri is a passionate educator and has 2+ years of experience in training kids on robotics, coding and other cognitive skills.

Chandrika Rao

An engineering graduate with extensive experience in software and training, Chandrika is also a passionate educator.

Rameshori Chanu

Rameshori has a master's in English. She has 2+ years of experience in teaching critical and analytical skills.

Sreeja Reddy

A research scientist with a masters in Chemical Engineering from California State University, Sreeja is passionate about learning and teaching.

Rakesh Chauhan

An education and training professional, Rakesh has spent the last 7+ years training students and working professionals. He is a strong believer in the power of training cognitive skills for success in academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Lovey Yadav

A masters in Applied Psychology with a strong background in counselling, Lovey Yadav' is a soft spoken and empathetic educator whose focus is on understanding the needs of the student and customizing the material to bring out a student's best.


A graduate in Biotechnology, Khushboo is a passionate educator with 2+ years of experience training high school students in Science and Math.

Divya Mohan

A pediatric physiotherapist with a Masters Degree, Divya has 10+ yrs of experience in the field. She is passionate about working with children and believes in a holistic approach to learning that includes key cognitive skills including problem solving and critical thinking.

Rajina Sivan

A counselling psychologist with 5+ years of experience, Rajina is passionate about education in general and cognitive skills in particular.

Kanika Arora

A B. Tech (Biotech) / MBA by training, Kanika explored a career in Pharmaceuticals before finding her passion for teaching.

Shivangi Pandey

An education professional by training, Shivangi has spent 4+ years training young children. She believes in the power of training cognitive skills to bring about personal development and in creating a joyful environment that fosters curiosity and a zest for learning.


A masters in biochemistry with a strong research background, Vismitha discovered her passion for teaching and has been teaching for 2+ years. Her motto is to motivate each of her students to achieve their own potential.

Deepti Dixit

A masters in economics, Deepti has 10+ years of experience in teaching and content writing. Deepti is passionate about interacting and engaging with young minds and believes in creating a holistic learning experience for her students.

Komal Paraswani

A software engineer by training Komal has donned many hats including that of a software trainer, content writer, author, voiceover artist and an amateur psychologist. But mostly, Komal is passionate about teaching and shaping young minds.

Urvi Chachra

A counselling psychologist by profession, Urvi is a warm, bubbly and passionate educator who believes in the power of education to enrich and empower lives. Urvi is also an avid reader and painter.

Simranjeet Kaur

An MBA and an aspiring entrepreneur, Simranjeet is also a passionate teacher with 8+ years of teaching experience.


A Company Secretary by training, Suhana is a passionate educator with 4+ years of teaching experience.

Rohini Dhage

A biotechnology graduate by training, Rohini specializes in soft skills and cognitive skill training with an emphasis on developing creative problem solving skills. She has collaborated with universities, corporations, and governments (federal and state) on projects aimed at fostering holistic skill development in children.

Charmy Shah

A counselling psychologist by training, Charmy is passionate about education in general and about cognitive skills  in particular.


An MA in Counselling Psychology from TISS Mumbai, Vaibhavi is passionate about education and has 2+ years helping students fulfill their cognitive potential.


A Psychology and Education professional, Monika is a passionate tutor with diverse areas of interest ranging from entrepreneurship to social work and from education to spirituality.


An M. Tech in Biotechnology, Sirisha is a passionate educator with 8+ years in teaching children Math and Coding.


A masters in Clinical Psychology, Archie has been tutoring students in Maths, Science and Public speaking for 5+ years.

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