Wread.ai for Schools

Wread.ai offers flexible programs that fit the needs of every school: small or large, rural or metropolitan. Primarily targeted towards pre-primary and primary school children, we also partner with schools to address older students with reading and spelling related issues.

Cloud-based in-school programs

As part of the language curriculum, an adaptive phonics program is implemented through the language lab / computer center. Periods are allocated to phonics every week throughout the academic year and students make progress at their own pace.

App-based hybrid programs

Students download the app on their personal device at home. They are assigned home work every week at school and are expected to complete 2 sessions every week. Students' progress can be tracked on the wread.ai teacher portal where teachers can not only see the students' current level and time spent but also the students' errors and problem areas.

Specialized help

The AI proactively identifies students that are either stuck or struggling to make adequate progress. For such students, live 1:1 or small group sessions are set up with our reading specialists, in cosultation with the school. Once the issue faced by the student is resolved and the student gains in confidence, they are placed back in the usual track.