Cognitive Assessments for Recruitments

Research shows that tests of General Mental Ability (GMA) are one of the best predictors of on-the-job-performance. In conjunction with Structured Interviews and/or Work Samples, tests of General Mental Ability are an invaluable tool in the recruitment toolkit.

However, not all tests of GMA are the same. Often, what pass off as tests of GMA today,  are in fact primarily tests of knowledge and practice and less of ability.

Our Solution

As a company that is based on cutting edge research in Neuroscience, our assessments are based on actual science and measure the very metrics that can drive success in your organization. Our assessments are:

Scientifically developed

Based on cognitive parameters that are proven to strongly correlate with on the job performance


Tested on large samples, each test yields a population percentile score


Mapped to the level (Individual contributors, Managers etc.), function and industry

Fully Online and Short Duration

1-2 hours of testing can yield significant insights about an applicant’s cognitive abilities

Comprehensive suite of Cognitive metrics

Cover the entire cognitive skills spectrum from higher level skills like Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Algorithmic Thinking to lower level skills like Working Memory, Attention to Detail and Processing speed


Remote proctored tests, where we capture the video, audio and other event logs while a candidate is taking the test. Advanced analytical features including face detection, matching etc.

Cognitive Assessments for Staffing/Talent Management

In addition to recruitments, our cognitive assessments can help with staffing and talent management. Our comprehensive offerings include

Industry Benchmarking

Where the company stands in comparison to the benchmark on cognitive skills that matter – and how that impacts performance.

Company Strength Profile

Identify company wide areas of strength and opportunity and how these would manifest in the course of everyday business.

Identify High Potential Employees


Identifying, fast tracking and retaining hi-potential individuals

Training Needs Identification

Identify individual employee strengths, opportunity areas and more importantly training contribute effectively in the current role.

Staffing solutions

Identify and assign right man for the right job for a project team or otherwise. Identify outliers within groups and identify correct fitment for outliers.

Training Solutions

From short instructor-led workshops to longer term self-paced e-learning modules, we can customize our training solutions to fit your needs. Our unwavering focus however is on core cognitive skills. Our trainings modules cover higher level cognitive skills like Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Algorithmic Thinking as well as more fundamental skills like Working Memory, Attention and others

Short workshops

1-day sessions to trainings spanning several days, these instructor-led workshops are packed with real life case studies and group activities to make the learned skills easy to apply.

Self-Paced E-Learning Modules

More comprehensive, these trainings combine a structured course content with flexibility needed in our busy lives.

Neuroscience based Computer Games

Based on Neuroscience research these games are designed to train fundamental building blocks of our thinking including Working Memory and Executive Functions.

Remote Proctoring Solutions

Want to administer your own test online for potential applicants? We can help!

You can upload your test(s) to our platform and take advantage of all of our cutting edge features

HR Dashboard

Comprehensive Dashboard which can track all the applicants taking the tests and with the ability to filter using a variety of metrics.

Video & Audio Recording

Real time recording and storage on our server.

Event Log

To track screen switching or other applicant activity.

Advanced analytical capabilities

capabilities including face detection, multiple people detection. face matching etc.


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